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Debris: Unlike other junk removal and hauling companies, AAA Tree Service has the expanded service of using small tractors to expedite your jobs when applicable. A large construction clean-up job or lot clearing can take weeks using only manpower. We have brand new equipment with all the gadgets and can clear several acres of land and hundreds of yards of material in just a couple days. If you’re not in a hurry then why is this good for you? Less manpower means less labor and that means greater discounts to you. (AAA Tree and Landscaping), www.AAATreeService.Biz (AAA Tree Service), (AAA Tree), (AAA Cheap Tree) AAA Tree

Dirt: Most other Hauling Companies have trucks with 1-3 tons capacity and they charge “bedload” prices which ends up costing hundreds of dollars per cubic yard of dirt. AAA Tree Service Long Island, NY have trucks that range from 3 ton capacity up to 15 ton capacity. We have completed jobs with over 1000 yards of dirt in two days using our own bobcats and trucks. About 95% of all dirt is diverted from the landfill and used by contractors and homeowners for their own projects. Our Bobcats are equipped with rubber tires and rubber tracks to cause minimal surface damage to your property and upon request we can build a plywood path to further lessen possible damage.

Concrete Removal: In many cases AAA Tree Service Long Island, NY can remove your concrete patio or driveway for less than if we just off-haul the concrete. Why is that? Because our machines are so powerful that it is much easier for us to pick up large pieces of concrete (up to 2000 pounds) than it is to pick up smaller pieces. So before you spend your weekend jack hammering that concrete call us for an estimate…It may save you some money. AAA Tree Service have an array of equipment that we use for concrete removal, breaker attachments for the Bobcat, Jack hammers, Concrete Saws, angle grinders, and more. 100% of the concrete that we remove is diverted from the landfill. The Concrete is put through a crusher and used as post consumer road base.

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Demolition: AAA Tree Service NY Bobcats are perfectly suited for demolition as well and can take down a garage, out-building, shed, or anything that is less than 12-14 feet high. For these jobs we use an attachment called a grapple bucket which works like a giant hand. It allows us to safely and efficiently take down any structure piece by piece and also helps to separate the materials for recycling. 60-75% of these materials are diverted from the landfill.
Grading: Are you prepping to pour a new concrete patio? Do you have problems with rain water drainage? Is your yard contoured like a motorcycle track? Let AAA Tree Service Long Island, NY be your Grading Specialists. We use our bobcats fitted with a 4 in 1 bucket or combo bucket that works as a dozer, grader, digger, and grapple and works like a dream to get that perfect grade you are looking for. AAA Tree Service have enough experience to “eyeball” an almost perfect grade but for those jobs that must be absolutely perfect (Tennis court) we use laser and GPS technology.

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